Helpful Links

2016 Annual Board Meeting Minutes – July 10

IIA Annual Meeting Agenda July 2017


Holt International

InKAS (International Korean Adoptee Service)

Iowa Asian Alliance

KASIA (Korean American Society of Iowa)

KCC (Korean Cultural Center)

KAAN (Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network)

National Association of Korean Americans

Korean Heritage House – Clubs, Classes, Korean Dance/Drum, located in St. Paul, MN

Korean Adoptees (In Australia, but great links and articles)

Korean Cooking

Aeris Kitchen


Grandma’s Kitchen -Korean Homestyle Cooking

H-Mart (online grocery for Asian food lovers)


Heritage/Birth Country Tours

CHSFS (Children’s Home Society & Family Services)

Holt Motherland Tours

THE TIES PROGRAM – Adoptive Family Homeland Journeys

The Ties Program is a travel program for adoptive families who would like to visit their child’s birth country to see the sights, experience the culture, and reconnect with people and places significant to their child’s adoption. A social worker/adoption professional travels with each group to offer optional “Talk Times” to help families process this identity building experience.  Charitable aid opportunities are done in-country via WORLD TIES LTD, our 501(C)(3) non profit organization.  Active heritage journeys:  Korea, Peru, Paraguay, Chile, China, Guatemala, Russia, Romania, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, the Philippines, Colombia, Kazakhstan, and Bulgaria,
also opening programs in Ethiopia & Ukraine soon.

Festivals and Celebrations

CelebrAsian  – Asian Heritage Festival (may be under construction)

Ideas to celebrate Chuseok

Kids Crafts Family– Lots of Korean craft ideas for every season of the year.



Korea Herald

Korean Quarterly

Korea Radio Stations – Lists the top Internet stations

Arirang – Asia’s Heartbeat (TV, Radio, News)

Korean Dramas – Catch the “wave” and get hooked on these  made for television dramas- (english subtitles)

KoreAm – Monthly Magazine (sports, politics, culture, and news impacting Korea America)

Before You Travel…

U.S. Passport

Transportation Security Administration- how to pack

United States Department of State- Consular Affairs

Embassy of The United States of America in Seoul, South Korea

Dynamic Korea-Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the USA

HOLT Korea– Birth family search, guest house information, support and services for Korean Adoptees and their Adoptive Families.

Global Adoption Information and Post Center– Offers assistance and support for birth family searches. Located in Seoul, South Korea.

Life In Korea – “Everything you need for your life in Korea.”

Visit Korea – Official Korea Tourism Organization


Korean Language Lessons

Be Awesome at Korean”

Learn Korean vocabulary and pronunciation with real native-Korean pronunciations, flashcards (text and audio), one-click word lookup for quick translation, and Romanization to help you learn how to read Korean.

Learn Korean – Free online tutorial

Learn Korean Now- “Offers in-depth grammar, affordable solution, and taught from the learners perspective.”

Learn Korean with Rosetta Stone


Research and Academia

The Academy of Korean Studies

Encyclopedia of Korean Culture

National Museum of Korea (english)

Culture of Korea- New World Encyclopedia

The Association of Asian Studies – Asian studies programs and centers



Studying Abroad

National Institute for International Education– (run by the Republic of Korea)

Helpful information and lists of institutions if considering studying in Korea

Asia Learn

Study Abroad