KAMP 2018

KAMP 2018: Friday, August 3 – Sunday afternoon August 5
Central College, Pella, Iowa

KAMP is a 2 1/2 day long camp for Korean adoptees and their families. KAMP is sponsored by Iowans for International Adoption (IIA), a non-profit organization with members in Iowa and surrounding states who have adopted children internationally.

KAMP  provides fun and enjoyment for the entire family. Toddlers and pre-school children meet to play together each day. Young people from kindergarten through high school are exposed to Korean culture through music, dance, language, etiquette, and games. Parents are not left out of KAMP activities. Every year there are speaker sessions about Korea, travel, and topics relating to adoption, and Korean cooking. In addition, parents have the opportunity to share their experience with others who have also been blessed by adoption.

KAMP helps children understand their heritage and it builds friendships that will last a lifetime. During the camp, Korean culture classes are taught to all the campers. These classes include:

  • Korean Cooking;
  • Korean Dancing;
  • Korean Language;
  • Tae Kwon Do;  and
  • Korean Arts and Crafts.

Some festivities during KAMP include a cook-out, carnival for children through 5th grade, a middle school game night, teen party, tae kwon do demonstrations, Mom’s Night Out with the Hanji Crew, and a closing ceremonies banquet which includes Korean dance and drum performances.

A complete schedule will be available summer 2018.

What’s Stopping You From Being Super? by Michelle Li

What’s Stopping You From Being Super? by Michelle Li

I just received my electronic subscription of the HOLT International Magazine. In it, there is a very insightful and honest article in the Adoptees Today section that I found helpful and wished to share. I have posted the link above, posted by Ashli Keyser for HOLT International.  The article discusses the importance of culture camps, connecting with other adoptees, and having open communication with family members about adoption and identity. She also talks about the ups and downs of re-connecting with her birth family.
~Michelle Cortlandt

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